Grow Tall

I'm sitting here, at a coffee shop in the roaring city of San Francisco, yet hidden by the calm streets and sleepy neighborhoods, worried about whether I'm still in love with the one I thought would be the love of my life. I want him to be the right one, I want him to make... Continue Reading →

Sophomore Slump

Well, my second year of college has come and gone, and it was by far the most I have been challenged ever in my life before. Three drastic events happened that made me break down, was emotionally, physically, and mentally drained, depressed, and overall felt incredibly and utterly helpless. First off, my roommate was an... Continue Reading →


  My insecurities get the best of me. They swallow me, engulf me, completely drown me and I feel frozen, stuck in time, shaking with anxiety and speechless from worry. This happens all the time. Mainly whenever I have to confront someone or I have to do something on my own for the first time.... Continue Reading →

The Butterfly Effect

I have been taught throughout my life to be accepting. Accept those who are around me, everyone. I was not accepted as a child by other kids at my school, so knowing what that felt like, I would never want anyone else to feel what I felt. I was told to never give up. Persevere... Continue Reading →


I've noticed how sometimes, when you aren't really paying attention, time passes by, and you are just standing there, motionless, as the world is zooming into a blur behind you. It is just passing, constant, nothing but the blurred visions of life. And then once you move, the blur sharpens out, and you see the... Continue Reading →

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